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INDERA Sports Club (SC) head coach Hj Omar Hj Jamil said he will be focusing on grassroots football this year through the national grassroots football development programme Projek Ikan Pusu (PIP).

Hj Omar, who is also PIP head coach and has been involved in grassroots football since PIP’s formation in 2001, insisted he will still coach last year’s DST Super League runners-up Indera but stressed that reviving the PIP project is crucial to the development of youth football in the sultanate.

“I cannot stress enough why it is important to focus on youth development, and kudos to National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) for holding more grassroots festivals and courses for this year,” said Hj Omar in an interview with The Brunei Times yesterday.

“NFABD won the Aspiring’ AFC President Recognition Award for Grassroots Football during the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Annual Awards in New Delhi, India, last year, and this is thanks to all the good work done…